Letter, “So Grateful”

We love hearing how United Housing Connections has made a positive change in people’s lives. We recently received the following:

Recently, I came in contact with a lady and her severely disabled daughter who became homeless after being evicted from her home due to a loss of hours at work. This was her first time being homeless and she didn’t know where to turn for help.

She reached out to me and I, in turn, reached out to the United Way of the Piedmont. The United Way put us in contact with Julie West with United Housing Connections. Julie was so helpful and friendly from the very start. She and Ms. Vanessa met with the individual, worked through the details, and the lady and her daughter were able to secure permanent housing very quickly and smoothly.

They are so excited about their new place! It’s in a great community, and it’s clean and safe, and even better than what they had before being evicted at their prior place. They are so grateful to have made the call to United Housing Connections.

This was my first encounter with United Housing Connections and it is so satisfying to know that this service is available in our community to help those in need. I am beyond appreciative to Julie and United Housing Connections for their help in this situation. They were able to turn a sad story into a happy story.

Upstate SC resident

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