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Saturday, May 3, 2014

HOG-logo Hands on Greenville (HOG), a United Way of Greenville County initiative, is coming up this Saturday, May 3 and United Housing Connections could use your help! HOG 2014 will kick start our new UHC Rapid Rehousing Plan. You can help us begin the renovation and restoration of a house (pictured below) that was donated to UHC. Through completely volunteer efforts of labor, materials, and subcontract labor, we hope to prepare this home for someone to be relocated directly from Tent City.

To sign up, please call us 864-770-0702 at or email dwaters@unitedhousingconnections.org  by Thursday, May 1.

More about UHC Rapid Housing Connections and UHC Endowed Inventory

10-ZarlinePurpose Statement:
To maintain 10% of total UHC inventory as “fully” donated/endowed properties available as rapid re-housing homes for the highest of risk homeless individuals and families. “Restore A Home”

Goal and Objectives:
To identify and renovate properties using fully donated funds, services, materials and in-kind gifts and to make these properties available for clients as “UHC rapid re-housing” homes. By modestly renovating targeted properties, the homes will have no to little cost basis, thus requiring no rental burden to the tenants.

Adopt a Board initiative to implement a plan to accept existing properties in need of minor renovation/repair and work closely with partnering agencies to complete renovation. All “UHC rapid rehousing” units will be made available to approved tenants at no charge (rent or utilities) for a period of four months. All tenants will be requested to work closely with case management to determine a more permanent housing solution. After the initial four month period and until a more permanent housing solution is available, the tenant shall pay 30% of their income as rent. All rent shall include the cost of utilities. After the four month period is completed, the home will be made available for another UHC Rapid Rehousing” client. Conclusion: Under this program, UHC will make available to the highest risk homeless individuals and families 10% of all inventory as truly rapid rehousing homes requiring no rent (including utilities) for a period of four months.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to the team from Jacobs for all their assistance with this project.


Rick Ingram
Chief Financial Officer
United Housing Connections

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