A Blessing from St. Anthony

We recently received this message from a United Housing Connections board member, Julia Mullins, and thought this kind gesture  needed to be shared.

St. Anthonys Catholic Church has a 7pm Mass every Wednesday evening.  Tonight Fr. Patrick made an announcement that he was offering the Mass up to the United Housing Connections which he explained was formerly the Upstate Homeless Coalition.  He told the congregation that he was doing this because UHC had stepped up and provided an affordable house to a homeless family of 7, a father and 6 young children who were living in a building at the church so they could avoid living in their car.  The father now has a job as garbage collector in Greenville.  A few weeks ago UHC was asked to try and find suitable housing for this family.  Julie and her team identified a relatively large, new home that was owned by another non-profit and Mike and the leadership team were able to come up with a plan too make this house affordable for this family.  During the last several months staff and board members have had to face challenges within the agency and we as board members have had to engage in some tough conversations.  These challenges and conversations may continue but I think we need to use story of the homeless family to remind us of the meaningful work that UHC does in this community to end homelessness.  This family was not going to be able to stay at the church beyond this week as another group was going to be using the building.  The family would have been homeless were it not for the efforts of UHC.  For all the years that I have been attending Mass at St. Anthonys, I have never heard of a Mass being offered up for a community agency.  So UHC has been truly blessed, may our good work continue, Julia


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