Lisa’s story



Lisa came to United Housing Connections from a life of addiction and domestic violence. At the age of 15, Lisa became addicted to powder cocaine. She was able to access this drug through her boyfriend who was a drug dealer. Her relationship soon turned physical and her drug use worsened causing discord with her family and friends. She would stay in this life for 18 years. She became homeless and sought treatment from Shalom and the Haven of Rest. Once she was clean, she entered UHC’s Transitional Housing Program. She states, “UHC believed in me, boosted my self esteem, and gave me the chance no one else would. UHC gave me the strength, ability, and opportunity to expunge my criminal record so that I could move forward with my life. ” While Lisa was in the program, she was able to raise her credit score 18 points with the help of Anderson Interfaith Ministries’ IDA program. She obtained full time employment that provided her with health benefits, retirement, and paid vacations. She has maintained her sobriety and will be celebrating her three year anniversary this year. Furthermore, she was able to get off all government assistance. She no longer relies on food stamps or subsidized housing.  She was able to move into an apartment and is able to pay her own rent and utilities. The most exciting news about Lisa is that she has been approved for Habitat for Humanity House and her projected move in date will be around Summer time in 2015 and she is being promoted within her job to Team leader Supervisor this month.

Congratulations, Lisa! And, thank you to all of our community partners who helped Lisa along the way!


Jessica Crocker


Our thanks to Jessica Crocker, a case manager supervisor here at United Housing Connections, for sharing this story of Lisa’s “graduation” and successes.

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