Mike Chesser departs from UHC

As you know, Mike Chesser, our founder, colleague and friend has departed our agency to pursue his own personal endeavors. It is a momentous occasion. Aided  by the strength of Mike’s will,  his belief in the dignity of humanity, and his unswerving belief that his purpose on this earth is to serve the homeless, UHC has, along with our partners,  organized the most successful collection of agencies ever to serve the homeless in South Carolina. The impact has been tremendous.

About three years ago we paused and took stock of where we stood in the continuum. Together we looked carefully at our board, our staff, our corporate structure, and our plans for the future. We engaged top flight consultants to help us identify the needs of our partners so that we could transition from the younger organic structure of UHC to a more mature form, deliberately organized to meet our mission. With their help and Mike’s guidance and insight we have been able to evolve into an organization with far greater capacity to pursue the mission.

Toward that end and in tandem with the structural shift, Mike hand-picked true and dedicated talent for our leadership positions with one eye on organizational health and one eye on succession. Rick Ingram (our prior CFO, now Interim Executive Director) and Julie West (our COO) have both proven their ability to lead. Rick will be leading UHC during this transition and we are excited about the new application of the strengths that he brings to the table.

This moment finds us prepared not simply to mark time but to launch into the next phase of UHC toward which we’ve worked collaboratively for the past three years. Our first order of business is to re-engage with our partners and explore new ways to employ our diverse abilities and foci to meet the changing demands of serving the homeless.

We will embrace this transition in a collaborative effort to yield a stronger continuum. We look forward to reaffirming our relationship with you. Thank you for your continued support.

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