2014 NOFA

SC-501 Continuum of Care

Project Ranking Process

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The Advisory Council has determined that the program evaluation process shall be conducted for this 2014 competition to be in compliance with the most current HUD CoC regulations and in the same manner in which it has been conducted for the past two years. The process is:

Each project to be considered for renewal shall submit the following information:

  • Most recent APR. The APR will provide information that will be used to score the project using the CoC’s scoring matrix: This will include:
    • Number of persons served compared to the number stated in the application
    • Degree to which the program meets its stated goals for
      • Income
      • Housing Stability
    • Expenditure of granted funds (was the entire grant expended?)
    • Did the program meet its mandatory HUD match
    • Population Served
  • HUD monitoring letters (if applicable)
  • LOCCS draw information (frequency of draw; rate of expenditure)
  • HMIS participation and data quality
  • Level of participation in CoC Chapter meetings and committee work.

Ranking process: The CoC council ranked each project in the following way:

  • Programs were first categorized by type: Transitional, Permanent, Safe Haven, HMIS, and Planning.
  • The Council determined it would rank projects by HUD’s housing priority. Consequently the order by category was: Permanent Supportive Housing, Safe Haven, Transitional Housing, HMIS, and Planning

Therefore the project receiving the highest score in the Permanent Housing Category would receive the number one ranking. In the event of numeric ties within a category, ranking would be deter-mined alphabetically. Final rankings are attached. Each program listed will be submitted as a Tier I renewal.

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