UHC takes part in “Sleeping Indoors” opening night

United Housing Connections  is pleased to be a part of the opening night of


a play by Jim Holt

Tuesday, December 9
7:00 p.m.

When literary reviewer Paul and his wife Nora invite a homeless man, Dwain, into their home for Christmas dinner, they don’t expect to be so charmed by him — or that his journal will be the incredible literary masterpiece that it is. But can Dwain, whose art thrives in anonymity, be convinced to give up the only life he’s known for such comforts as sleeping indoors?

After the performance, UHC will share information about homelessness in our area. Learn about the programs we have in place and how you can help build new lives.

Tickets are $15 and are available online
Centre Stage
501 River Street
Downtown Greenville

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