Staff Directory

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Diane Cilento, Chief Executive Officer

Julie West, Chief Operating Officer

Don Schleicher, Chief Financial Officer

Lorain Crowl, Chief Development Officer

Kristen Hegel, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Natalie Worley, Director of Program Planning & Evaluation/HMIS Administer

Paul Clay, HMIS & Housing Development Coordinator

David Gray, Continuum of Care Coordinator

Donna Waters, Support Coordinator


John Chiles, Accounts Payable Coordinator

Kenny Richards, Accounting Clerk

Case Managers



Jessica Chiles Director of Residential Support
Bre Griffin Case Manager
Glenda Gilchrist Neighborhood Coordinator
Doris Dunn Case Manager
Cindy Coxie Case Manager
Darla Parido Case Manager
Rogene Avery Intake and referral/CES specialist
Property Management




Vanessa Johnson Director of Neighborhood Services
Naomi Campbell Specialized Neighborhood Manager
Francisco Mendez Intake & Referral Manager/Specialized Neighborhood Manager
Suzanne Eskew Housing Manager
Thomas Rastelli Buildings & Grounds Coordinator
Daniel Hunt Buildings & Grounds Coordinator
Rod Williams Lawn Care Lead
Alvin Ballard Grounds Tech
Lance Powers Security

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