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Shannon Forest Christian School Work Day

UHC sends a huge thank you to the nine students and two chaperones from Shannon Forest Christian School who recently worked at one of our City View properties! This speedy and hard working group assisted us with a house that serves as transitional housing for families with a disabled family member. They cleaned out the two structures on the property, removed a chicken coop and spruced up the yard. Thanks again to our volunteers from Shannon Forest Christian School! Read More

UHC takes part in “Sleeping Indoors” opening night

United Housing Connections  is pleased to be a part of the opening night of


a play by Jim Holt

Tuesday, December 9
7:00 p.m.

When literary reviewer Paul and his wife Nora invite a homeless man, Dwain, into their home for Christmas dinner, they don’t expect to be so charmed by him — or that his journal will be the incredible literary masterpiece that it is. But can Dwain, whose art thrives in anonymity, be convinced to give up the only life he’s known for such comforts as sleeping indoors?

After the performance, UHC will share information about homelessness in our area. Learn about the programs we have in place and how you can help build new lives.

Tickets are $15 and are available online Read More

2014 NOFA

SC-501 Continuum of Care

Project Ranking Process

Please click to view SC-501 Ranking Process document in its entirety

Please click to view SC-501 Rankings table

The Advisory Council has determined that the program evaluation process shall be conducted for this 2014 competition to be in compliance with the most current HUD CoC regulations and in the same manner in which it has been conducted for the past two years. The process is: Read More

Work Day at Restore a Home house

The Closing of Tent City

The Closing of Tent City
Creating Community Solutions to Improve the Continuing Reality of Homelessness in the Upstate

This past week the City of Greenville closed Tent City. The Greenville News reports that about half of its residents have moved into a variety of shelters or other housing situations with the help local organizations and agencies. We commend those who have worked tirelessly to support Tent City residents. The remaining residents of Tent City have simply moved their camps or joined other encampments that still exist in the Upstate. Closing Tent City treated a symptom of homelessness, and we can all recognize that the problem had to be addressed.
However, we must be realistic – homelessness is an on-going issue that many face every day.  Homelessness remains in our area and across the upstate. As challenging economic conditions persist, and coupled with declining affordable housing, the number of families and individuals experiencing homelessness remains constant or even increasing as our community grows. Read More

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