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10-ZarlineUnited Housing Connections starts with a house. A rundown house that most people think is hopeless. UHC takes this house into its RESTORE A HOME program to give it new life. With the help of volunteers and donors, the house is modestly renovated into a safe and comfortable home.

Then UHC finds a family or individual who is experiencing homelessness and hopelessness, a family nobody wants to help. They can move into this newly restored home rent- and utility-free for a period of four months while they get their feet back on the ground. Up to a year of reduced stress and much greater stability makes rebuilding a “normal” life a reality. With the help of case managers and other support personnel, the new residents repair the situations that led to homelessness and begin restoring their new life the day they move in.

20141003_121418Meet Steve and Mary. They were homeless for over a decade and were residents of Greenville’s Tent City until it became too violent. Steve and Mary were selected for the very first RAH project, a renovated cottage in the City View area. The couple moved home in early October and is now planning many holiday meals with their family.

UHCs plans to expand the RAH program over the next few years. The next RAH project is in Anderson, SC, with the hope of moving in new residents by the end of 2014. UHC intends to increase the RAH housing to represent 10% of its total inventory, resulting in approximately 60 renovated homes for families and individuals to begin new lives.

UHC needs your help to make these homes a reality. Contributions, volunteer hours and donated goods are always welcome. There are so many ways you can help restore homes, lives, and hope!



If you would like to volunteer or donate services, supplies or home goods, please contact us by email or call (864) 770-0704.

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